Ansible Playbook for Initial Configuration of Fedora
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Ansible Playbook to Configure Fedora 34 on ThinkPad

This playbook configures my ThinkPad T480, following a fresh installation of my goto distro, Fedora.

Install Ansible

Install Ansible using dnf.

sudo dnf install ansible --assumeyes

Clone Repository

Clone the repository into ~/Downloads.

git clone ~/Downloads/ansible-thinkpad-fedora

Ansible Variables

Create a vars.yml file in the repository folder, and provide values for the below variables.

firefox_start_page: <value>
git_config_user_email: <value>
git_config_user_name: <value>
personal_username: <value>

Ansible Collections

Still within the repository directory, install the collections specified in requirements.yml.

ansible-galaxy collection install -r requirements.yml

Run Playbook

Run the playbook to configure the new installation of Fedora, and input your sudo password when prompted.

# Run Playbook:
ansible-playbook --ask-become-pass playbook.yml