Custom Espanso Configuration Files
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Espanso Configuration


Espanso is a fantastic, cross-platform text-expander.

I have a number of custom Espanso configurations in the user/ directory.

  • user/email.yml
    • Common email phrases.
  • user/log.yml
    • Stuff for my personal log (personal journal, knowledge base, wiki).
  • user/markdown.yml
    • Markdown syntax.
  • user/misc.yml
    • Anything that doesn't fit in the above.


After cloning the repository, follow the two steps below to install.

# Remove existing config user directory:
rm --recursive --force /home/jprice.config/espanso/user

# Create symbolic link from repository to config directory:
ln --symbolic <path-to-repo>/espanso/user /home/jprice/.config/espanso/user