Simple Static Start Page
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Start Page


This is my simple static start page and I use it as a home page on Firefox and Bromite.

I don't bother with bookmarks, I use this page instead.


Make sure Python 3 is installed.

Although I serve the page using Caddy 2 on Docker, it's just HTML and CSS, so you can point your browser to it on your local filesystem and it will work just fine.

All dependencies (including fonts) are in the repository.


The design is subject to change, but it does the job for now.

Rename the configuration template file to and add your own sections.

You'll need to remove some of the section blocks from (as it's made for me) to bring it in to line with your own

Fill in the first two properties in

sp_title = "Start Page"
sp_home_path = "<path-to-repository>"

Colour Scheme

Then provide some hex code colours for the background, headings, and links themselves.

sp_background_colour = "#ffffff"
sp_heading_colour = "#448AFF"
sp_link_colour = "#111111"


Links are broken down into sections.

To add a section you need to add a section block to and You can have as many sections as you want, but you must manually increment the number (e.g. section_1_, section_2_ etc). Section Block

section_1_title = "Section Title"
section_1_remix_icon = "ri-<remix-icon-id>"
section_1_links = { 
    "Link Title": "",
    "Link Title": "",
    # Add as many links as you want - this is just a dict.
} Section Block

    f'<h2><i class="{config.section_1_remix_icon}"></i> {config.section_1_title}</h2>'
for key, value in config.section_1_links.items():
    index.write(f'<li><a href="{value}">{key}</a></li>')


The page uses an open source icon library called Remix Icon for section headers.

section_n_remix_icon in takes the icon identifier as a value e.g. (ri-calendar-2-fill).

You can Pick an icon from Remix Icon.


To build the page, just run the script which will write to public/index.html.